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Northstar Self Storage FAQ

Where is Northstar Self Storage located?
We have five convenient locations to meet your needs:

How do I contact a facility manager?
The easiest and fastest way to connect with a member of our team is to contact us through this website! A facility manager will reply to your email or call the phone number you provide as soon as possible. We are eager to help!

What are your gate access hours?
Access hours vary by location and can be viewed by clicking the facility page here. Most facilities can be accessed from 6am - 9pm, 7 days per week.

How do I lock my unit?
Tenants are required to provide and apply their own lock. All unit doors are equipped with an easy to use latch system. Please do not apply two locks to your unit. We recommend disc locks for added security but pad locks can be used as well. 

What if my preferred unit size is not available?
Our website updates unit avilability in real-time. If the unit size is marked "not available" on the facility page please consider reserving or moving into a different size unit that is available or check back at a later date. We do not have a waitlist option at this time.

What is Drive-Up access?
Drive-up access is a useful amenity that allows you to park your vehicle right in front of your unit. This way, you can load or unload your items in just a few minutes, even if it’s your first renting experience!

What are Climate-Controlled units?
Climate-controlled units are heated during the colder months and kept cool in the summer to maintain a constant, moderate temperature level throughout the year.  We offer secure climate-controlled storage at our Manchester (Climate-Controlled), WoodstockSpringfield facilities giving you the confidence that your belongings will not be damaged by seasonal temperature changes.

Do you require a security deposit?
We require a $50.00 security deposit for all new leases. This is fully refunded when at least 10 days notice is provided in advance of your move-out date and the unit is returned clean and empty.

How long do I have to stay?
Our rental agreements are based on a month-to-month tenancy with 10 days advance notice of the expected move-out date. All rent payments are due on the 1st of the month. We will pro-rate rent if your lease starts before the 1st of the month however there are no rent refunds if you choose to move-out before the last day of the month. If you unit is found unlocked and empty we will assume you have moved out.

Who has access to my storage unit?
You are the only one who has access to your space.

Do you sell locks, boxes and packing supplies?
No we do not sell these items.

What happens if I leave items in my unit that I don't want?
Any belongings left in the unit are your responsibility. You will be billed for the unit until it is empty and unlocked.

Can I pay my bills online?
Of course! Our online bill pay option allows our customers to pay their rent and lease additional storage units from anywhere with an internet connection.

What type of security do you offer?
All locations have brand new, 24-hour video surveillance and our Manchester Center, Danby and Springfield drive-up units are equipped with security fencing and gates. You can be sure your belongings are safe while you're away.

Do you have pest control?
All locations have professional pest control maintenance contracts with JP Pest Services

Can I purchase tenant insurance?
Insurance is mandatory at our facilities and a policy is required to complete your move-in.  To make the process easy, we offer low-cost self storage insurance packages from industry leader, SafeStor Ponderosa. If you wish to self-insure, simply provide us with a copy of your homeowners or renters insurance policy stating that your goods are covered while stored at our facility.

What is the snow/ice removal policy?
We are committed to making your unit available during access hours, however it may take up to 48 hours for some driveways to be fully plowed after a heavy snowfall. Also, we may not be able to plow up to the door of your unit without risk of damage. Due to this, we recommend you bring a snow shovel if you need to access your unit after a snowfall. 

We ask that you use your best judgement when accessing your unit during the cold weather months - DRIVEWAYS, RAMPS AND STEPS MAY BE SLIPPERY DUE TO ICE - PLEASE BE CAREFUL!  

Are there any items that I cannot store?
Yes, you cannot store food or perishable items, flammable items, explosives, hazardous materials. We do not permit the use of moth balls in your unit. Our lease describes these restrictions in more detail. Please contact us if you have questions on storage of a particular item.

Is it OK to move-in when it's raining or if rain is expected?
You can but we do not recommend it. If you cannot postpone your move-in day, then we recommend covering your belongings with tarps. This will provide protection for larger pieces of furniture and other belongings. Shrink wrapping electronics makes sense always but especially if there is rain int he forecast. We also recommend slip resistant shoes to keep you safe. We have no liability for you items if they are  damaged during your move-in.

How do I get started?
There are several steps you can take. For instance, you can read our self storage tips or calculate the right space for you – we rent a wide variety of unit sizes. Whether you’re ready to rent a storage unit today or have some questions first, our team is here to help.